Injuries & Damage Law
Defective Product

A “Defective Product” is one that causes some injury or damage to person as a result of a person because of some defect in the product or its labeling or the way the product was used. The manufacturer, and others involved in the chain of commerce involving the products that caused the injury, are often liable for injuries defective products cause.

All states allow some form of recovery to persons injured by “defective products”. “Product liability” cases run from the obvious (a car sold without operational brakes, a mislabeled product that causes injury) to the not-so obvious (injury from exposure to tobacco, or harmful side effects from an improperly tested drug).

Hospital Malpractice occurs when the staff of a hospital engages in improper or negligent medical care or treatment of a patient and the patient suffers harm as a result. This means that the care does not meet the standards that reasonable professionals in the same field and community would provide. Hospital staff includes more than just the doctors. It includes the hospital’s nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other staff as well.