Insurance Claim

Insurance, in law and economics, is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of potential financial loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a potential loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for a premium and duty of care.

Any risk that can be quantified probably has a type of insurance to protect it. Some of the different types of insurance are:


Life insurance, which provides a cash benefit to a decedent’s family or other designated beneficiary, and may specifically provide for burial, funeral and other final expenses.

Automobile insurance, also known as auto insurance, car insurance is probably the most common form of insurance and may cover both legal liability claims against the driver and loss of or damage to the vehicle itself.

Financial loss insurance protects individuals and companies against various financial risks.

Health insurance covers medical bills incurred because of sickness or accidents.

Legal insurance, which provides you services of attorney against the certain amount of premium you pay to the insurance company. This helps drastically to reduce your expenditure on legal affairs and make you available services of renowned attorney even for less than a dollar per day.

Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance or boiler insurance.

Total permanent Disability Insurance provides benefits when a person is permanently disabled and can no longer work in their profession, often taken as an adjunct to life insurance.

Apart from the above mentioned insurance there are various other types of insurance popular in market today.

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim you know how frustrating the experience can be. The phone calls, automated answering services, paperwork, and time put in can add up to a frustrating experience.

Unfortunately some insurance companies will continue to refer you to different areas, demand additional paperwork from you, and seemingly do their best not to help you! A letter with a lawyer’s name or a phone call from that lawyer can help tremendously in the way your claim is treated. Insurance companies recognize claims backed by an attorney or a lawyer.